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Peaceful protest in Seoul against Armenian provocation

Azerbaijan diaspora in Korea, including members of the BUTA AKFA held a peaceful protest in the capital Seoul in connection with the provocation of the Armenian armed forces on the front line.

The main purpose of the action was to draw the attention of the Korean public to the events related to the gross violation of the ceasefire and international law by the Armenian armed forces, as well as provocative attempts of the Armenian occupying forces on the line of contact with Azerbaijan and the killing of civilians by Armenian troops. About 40 Azerbaijani, Turkish, Malaysian and Korean students took part in the action, which took place in Yeouido, the central district of Seoul. Slogans such as "Armenia is an aggressive country", "Leave our lands", "Karabakh is ours, it will be ours", "The world community must condemn Armenia's aggression" were chanted at the campaign.

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