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Campaign at Jeju island about Khojaly's 29th anniversary

As part of the "Justice for Khojaly!" campaign, BUTA AKFA and the Azerbaijani community in Korea visited "Neobeunsungi 4.3 Memorial Hall" dedicated to the 1948~1949 Jeju Uprising on Jeju Island, the largest island in the Republic of Korea, and held an information campaign on the territory of the monument.

During the campaign, information booklets on the Khojaly genocide were distributed to the local population of Jeju, and more information was offered on the Korean-language website

Booklets on the Khojaly genocide, entitled "Khojaly Genocide" and "Forgotten Genocide" prepared in Korean, were donated to the fund of the memorial hall. In turn, the management of the memorial hall said that these booklets will be displayed in a place accessible to visitors in the future.

It should be noted that this is the first event of its kind held on the island of Jeju on the Khojaly genocide.

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